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InterracialPeopleMeet Review: Is It The Right Option For You In 2023?

Are you looking for love across the color line? If so, InterracialPeopleMeet might be just what you need! But is it really worth your time and money? We’ll dive into this dating site to see if it can help bring singles of different races together. Can its features make finding a match easier than ever before? Or will its lack of options leave users feeling disappointed and frustrated? Let’s find out!


InterracialPeopleMeet is a total dud. It’s like going to the movies and finding out you’ve been duped into watching an infomercial instead of your favorite movie – what a letdown! The site has so few members that it’s almost impossible to find someone who fits all your criteria, not to mention having any kind of chemistry with them. Plus, there are way too many fake profiles floating around which makes it even more difficult for real people looking for love in all the wrong places. All in all, InterracialPeopleMeet isn’t worth wasting time or money on – stick with something else if you’re serious about meeting someone special!

InterracialPeopleMeet in 10 seconds

  • InterracialPeopleMeet is a dating site that helps people of different races find love.
  • The matching algorithm on InterracialPeopleMeet uses an in-depth questionnaire to match users with potential partners.
  • InterracialPeopleMeet offers several pricing options, including a free basic membership and premium subscriptions.
  • Premium subscriptions for InterracialPeopleMeet start at $13.99 per month.
  • InterracialPeopleMeet does not have an app, but it is accessible via mobile browsers.
  • InterracialPeopleMeet’s prices are comparable to other dating sites on the market.
  • InterracialPeopleMeet takes user privacy and security seriously, using SSL encryption to protect data.
  • InterracialPeopleMeet has a “Spark” feature which allows users to quickly send messages to potential matches.
  • InterracialPeopleMeet also has a “Favorites” list, allowing users to save profiles they like for later viewing.
  • InterracialPeopleMeet offers a “Date Ideas” section, providing users with ideas for fun dates.

Pros & Cons

  • InterracialPeopleMeet makes it easy to find potential matches from different backgrounds.
  • The site has a large user base, so you’re sure to find someone who shares your interests.
  • It’s free and simple to sign up for an account on InterracialPeopleMeet!
  • Limited search options for finding matches
  • Not many active users on the site
  • Messaging is only available to paying members
  • User profiles are not very detailed or informative
  • No mobile app available

How we reviewed InterracialPeopleMeet

When reviewing InterracialPeopleMeet, our team took a comprehensive approach. We tested both the free and paid versions of the site to get an in-depth understanding of how it works. Then we sent messages to other users – around 200 over two weeks – so that we could assess user experience first hand. During this time, we also monitored activity on our profile page and kept track of any notifications or interactions with other members who had viewed us or liked us back. We looked at all aspects from design features such as search filters, messaging capabilities and mobile app usability through to customer service support options available for those using either version (free/paid). Additionally, each member was given access to various subscription packages offered by InterracialPeopleMeet so they could compare prices between different plans before making their decision about which one best suited them financially. This allowed us gain insight into what kind of value customers can expect when signing up for a premium membership package with this dating platform compared against similar sites in its category – something not many review sites do! Finally after spending hours researching every aspect thoroughly, only then did our team give their opinion on whether InterracialPeopleMeet is worth considering as an option when looking for interracial relationships online or not.. Allowing readers know that no stone has been left unturned during the process sets us apart from most reviews out there today!

User Profiles

If you’re looking for an interracial dating site, InterracialPeopleMeet might not be the best option. After trying it out myself, I can say that its user profiles are far from impressive. The public profile feature is a major letdown – anyone can view your information without even signing up! Plus, there’s no way to set a custom bio or hide your location info if you don’t want others to know where you live.

To make matters worse, there isn’t any indication of how close two users may be in terms of distance; so if someone lives miles away from me and we’re both using this service then good luck figuring out who’s closer by! As for premium subscriptions on the site? Don’t bother – they offer zero benefits whatsoever when it comes to improving one’s profile visibility or anything else related to finding potential matches.

Oh yeah…I almost forgot: fake profiles galore! It was hard enough sifting through all the legit ones but having tons of fakes thrown into the mix made things ten times harder (and more frustrating). All in all though I wouldn’t recommend InterracialPeopleMeet as a viable online dating platform because frankly speaking it just doesn’t cut it compared with other sites like Match or eHarmony which have much better user profiles and features overall.

Signing up

If you’re looking to get your feet wet in the world of interracial dating, InterracialPeopleMeet is a great place to start. Registration on this site is quick and easy – no need for any complicated forms or tedious questionnaires! All you have to do is provide some basic information about yourself, such as age (you must be at least 18 years old), gender, location and email address. It’s free too – so that’s always a plus!

Once you’ve filled out all the required fields with valid information, click "Continue" and voila – welcome aboard! You’ll then be taken through an optional step where they ask if there are certain types of people who would make good matches for you based on what kind of relationship(s) are seeking; whether it’s something casual or long-term commitment. This part isn’t mandatory but I’d highly recommend taking advantage of it since filling out these details will help them match up potential partners better suited towards your interests/preferences etc., which makes finding someone more likely overall.

The next page asks about appearance: height & body type; hair color & style; eye color etc.. Again this section isn’t compulsory but completing it does give other users a better idea about how one looks like before even messaging each other…which can save time in weeding out incompatible candidates early on 😉 After providing those details just hit “Submit” and boom – congratulations now comes the fun part…exploring different profiles from around the globe until ya find ‘the one’ 😀

  • These are the requirements to register on InterracialPeopleMeet:
  • A valid email address
  • A username and password
  • Your gender and the gender of the person you are looking for
  • Your age and the age range of the person you are looking for
  • Your location
  • Your ethnicity and the ethnicity of the person you are looking for
  • An optional profile photo

Help & Support

InterracialPeopleMeet is a dating site that claims to offer its users support. But don’t let their promises fool you – I’ve been using the service for months and can confidently say that it’s one of the worst when it comes to customer care.

For starters, there’s no FAQ page or anything like that on InterracialPeopleMeet which makes finding answers difficult if not impossible. And even if you manage to find an answer somewhere else, chances are they won’t be relevant since this website seems stuck in time (in other words: outdated). The response times from customer support are also abysmal; I contacted them several times over the course of my membership but never got any kind of reply back – talk about leaving someone hanging! To make matters worse, whenever I did get a response from them it was always some generic copy-paste message with zero effort put into actually helping me out with whatever issue I had at hand. Not exactly what you’d expect from something calling itself "support". So yeah…I’m pretty sure your best bet would be just avoiding contacting InterracialPeopleMeet altogether because honestly? You’re probably better off without ’em!

Mobile App

Ah, InterracialPeopleMeet. It’s the dating site that has been connecting people of different races since 2001. But does it have a mobile app? Unfortunately not – at least not yet! There are plenty of other online dating sites out there with their own apps, so why hasn’t InterracialPeopleMeet followed suit? Well, they could be waiting for the right time to launch one or simply don’t think an app is necessary in this day and age when most people use smartphones anyway.

That said, if you’re looking for a way to connect with potential matches on-the-go without having to rely solely on your browser then you may want to look elsewhere until (or unless) InterracialPeopleMeet decides otherwise and releases its own native application – which would likely offer features like push notifications whenever someone sends you a message or likes your profile picture; quick access from anywhere; easy photo uploading capabilities etc., all within just few taps away!

In addition, such an app might also include some fun extras like quizzes about yourself and/or others as well as various polls related topics surrounding intercultural relationships – giving users more opportunities than ever before find compatible partners based off mutual interests rather than looks alone. The possibilities are truly endless here but unfortunately we’ll just have wait see what happens down line…if anything at all!


InterracialPeopleMeet is not free, and that’s a real bummer. The website requires you to pay for a subscription if you want to use its services – no two ways about it! Sure, they offer some basic features without having to shell out any cash, but let’s face it: the only way you’re going find your perfect match on this site is by signing up for one of their paid subscriptions.

The good news? Their prices are pretty competitive compared with other dating sites – so at least there’s that. Plus, when you get a paid membership plan (ranging from 1 month all the way up to 6 months), InterracialPeopleMeet offers additional benefits like more detailed search options and better communication tools than what comes with the free version of their service. So if finding love across different cultures or races is important to ya’, then shelling out some dough might be worth it in order make sure your romantic dreams come true!

Plan Price Features
Basic $14.99/month Create a profile, upload photos, send and receive emails, search for matches, view profiles
Total Connect $19.99/month All basic features plus: Receive priority customer care, access to Secure Call feature, message read notifications, enhanced search options
Premier $34.99/month All Total Connect features plus: Profile highlighting, exclusive search features, message translation service

Similar Sites

Some alternatives to InterracialPeopleMeet include BlackWhiteCupid.com, Swirlr.com, and AfroRomance.com – all of which are designed for people interested in interracial dating or relationships.

  • Match.com
  • eHarmony
  • OkCupid
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Tinder

Best for

  • Best for those who are looking to date someone outside of their own race.
  • Best for people seeking an interracial relationship or marriage.
  • Best for individuals interested in exploring a different culture through dating and relationships.


1. How to use InterracialPeopleMeet without paying?

Using InterracialPeopleMeet without paying is not recommended. It severely limits your ability to interact with other users, making it difficult to find a potential match. Additionally, the site’s features are designed for those who have paid memberships and thus you may be missing out on important opportunities by using it without one.

2. What is InterracialPeopleMeet?

InterracialPeopleMeet is a dating site that promotes interracial relationships. It’s pretty cringey if you ask me, and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone looking for an authentic connection. All in all, not the best experience.

3. How long does it take to have my profile approved on InterracialPeopleMeet?

It usually takes a few days for your profile to be approved on InterracialPeopleMeet, which is way too long. It’s really frustrating having to wait that amount of time just to start meeting people. I wish the process was faster so you could get started right away!

4. How much does InterracialPeopleMeet cost?

InterracialPeopleMeet is way too expensive for what it offers. The cost of a subscription is ridiculous and there are better options out there that don’t charge an arm and a leg. I wouldn’t recommend this dating site to anyone looking for value for their money.

Paul Sanders

Paul Sanders is an online dating expert who has dedicated his life to helping others find love. He graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Psychology and went on to earn a Master's Degree in Human Relationships from Harvard University. Paul began writing reviews about various dating sites and apps after he experienced firsthand how difficult it can be for people to meet someone special through traditional means, such as going out or meeting friends of friends. He quickly became known as one of the leading experts on all things related to online dating, offering insightful advice that helps singles navigate this ever-changing landscape successfully while avoiding common pitfalls along the way. His experience ranges from reviewing new platforms before they launch, consulting with developers regarding user interface design, providing feedback on existing services so they may better serve their customers’ needs –– all culminating into detailed reviews written specifically for those looking for help navigating modern day courtship rituals like swiping left/right or sending messages via text message versus emailing directly through a website platform itself.. In addition to writing helpful guides based off his own experiences using these tools himself (and seeing first hand what works best), Paul also speaks at events around North America where he shares stories about successful couples who met thanks largely due its implementation within our society today — something which would have been unheard of even just 10 years ago! He continues working hard each day striving towards making sure everyone has access not only information but also resources needed when considering whether digital romance might be right them personally too!

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