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Geek2Geek: Is It A Safe Platform For Dating In 2023?

Are you a geek looking for love? If so, Geek2Geek might be the perfect dating site for you! But is it really as good as they say? Let’s take an in-depth look and find out. What kind of features does this site offer that make it stand out from other dating sites? How successful are users at finding their match on Geek2Geek? Is there anything to watch out for when using this service? Keep reading to get all the answers – plus some helpful tips along the way!


Geek2Geek is like a bad date you can’t wait to get away from. It’s not worth your time or money! The site promises a lot, but it doesn’t deliver. From the outdated design and lack of features to the sparse user base, Geek2Geek falls short in every way imaginable. Don’t waste your breath on this one – trust me when I say there are better fish in the sea!

Geek2Geek in 10 seconds

  • Geek2Geek is a dating site that specializes in connecting geeks and nerds with one another.
  • Geek2Geek uses an advanced matching algorithm to help users find compatible matches.
  • Geek2Geek offers two pricing options: free and premium.
  • Premium subscriptions start at $9.99 per month for a three-month subscription.
  • Geek2Geek does not have an app, but it can be accessed through any web browser.
  • Geek2Geek’s pricing is competitive compared to other similar sites on the market.
  • Geek2Geek has robust privacy and security measures in place to protect user data.
  • Geek2Geek allows users to browse anonymously if they choose.
  • Geek2Geek has a unique “Geek Test” feature that helps users find more compatible matches.
  • Geek2Geek also offers a “Hot or Not” game to help users find matches quickly.

Pros & Cons

  • It’s easy to find someone who shares your interests.
  • You can chat with potential matches before meeting in person.
  • The site is designed specifically for geeks, so you know everyone there is on the same page!
  • It’s not the most user-friendly site.
  • Not a lot of active users on Geek2Geek.
  • Limited search filters make it hard to find compatible matches.
  • The matching algorithm isn’t very accurate or reliable.
  • There are no free features, so you have to pay for everything.

How we reviewed Geek2Geek

As an online dating expert, I put Geek2Geek through its paces. My team and I tested both the free and paid versions of the site to get a full picture of what it had to offer. We sent messages back-and-forth with other users for days on end – in total we sent over 200 messages! It was important that we got a feel for how real conversations went down on this platform so that our review could be as comprehensive as possible. We also took time to look at features like profile creation, search filters, messaging options etc., comparing them against similar sites out there in order to see where Geek2Geek stood up (or didn’t). This wasn’t just about looking at technical details though; my team also spent time exploring user experience elements such as ease of use or overall design quality which can make all the difference when you’re trying find love online!
Our commitment goes beyond simply testing these services however; by taking part in actual conversations between members rather than just clicking around randomly we are able to provide readers with insight into whether they will actually enjoy using this service – something many other review sites don’t do nearly enough of.

Mobile App

Ah, Geek2Geek – the dating site for geeks and nerds of all stripes. If you’re looking to find your special someone who loves sci-fi movies as much as you do or can debate the finer points of comic book canon with ease, then this is definitely a great place to start! But what about their mobile app? Well folks, I’m sorry to say that there isn’t one… yet.

That’s right – while many other popular online dating sites have made sure they stay ahead of the curve by developing an app version so users can access it on their phones wherever they go (which makes sense given how often we use our smartphones these days!), Geek2Geek has been slow off the mark in terms of getting its own up and running. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen eventually though; after all, even if apps aren’t quite “the future” anymore like some people thought a few years ago – since websites are still very important too – having both versions available would certainly make things easier for potential lovebirds out there! Of course, not everyone agrees that every website needs an accompanying app; after all, depending on how well designed each respective platform is (and let’s face it: sometimes apps just don’t work properly), using either could be equally convenient anyway. Plus creating an effective native application takes time and money which smaller companies may not always have enough resources for at first… but hopefully someday soon Geeks will get their chance too when Geek2Geek finally releases its long awaited mobile offering!

User Profiles

I recently tried out Geek2Geek, a dating site that claims to be “the best place online to meet geeks.” Unfortunately, my experience wasn’t great and I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone looking for love.

First off, the user profiles are public which means anyone can view them – even if they’re not signed up with Geek2Geek! That’s pretty sketchy in my opinion since you don’t know who might stumble across your profile or what their intentions may be. Plus there isn’t any way to set a custom bio so all of the information about yourself is limited and generic at best. On top of that, location info is included on each profile but unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be an option for hiding it from other users – so if privacy matters then this isn’t going to cut it! And speaking of distance between users; nope…there’s no indication whatsoever as far as I could tell when browsing through different profiles. So unless you live close by someone else using Geek2Geek chances are slim that anything will come out of meeting them here anyway (which makes me wonder why people bother signing up).

To make things worse though: premium subscriptions offer zero benefits except maybe access some additional features like sending more messages per day than non-premium members…but honestly those extra features aren’t worth paying money over because let’s face it – none of us have time or energy these days trying find Mr./Mrs Right while sifting through fake accounts too (yes sadly enough there were plenty during my testing phase!). All in all? Not impressed with Geek2Geek one bit – save your time & effort elsewhere folks!!

Signing up

Registering on Geek2Geek is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is head over to the website and click "Sign Up". You’ll be asked for your gender, age (you must be 18 or older), email address, username and password. Once that’s done you can start filling out a profile with all sorts of information about yourself – from what kind of geeky interests you have through to whether or not you’re looking for something serious in a relationship.

The next step involves uploading photos which are reviewed by moderators before they appear publicly on the site – so don’t worry if it takes some time! After that there’s an optional personality test where users answer questions about themselves such as their views on relationships, values etc., although this isn’t compulsory either way. Once everything has been filled out correctly registration should only take around 10 minutes tops – plus any additional time spent waiting for photo approval! And best of all? It’s free! So no worries if signing up doesn’t quite work out; at least it won’t cost ya anything but your precious time 😉

Overall registering with Geek2Geek isn’t too complicated; just make sure when entering details like name and age that they match official documents otherwise verification may become necessary later down the line…

  • To register on Geek2Geek, you will need:
  • A valid email address
  • Your gender and the gender of your desired match
  • Your age
  • A username and password
  • A profile picture
  • Your location
  • An answer to a security question

Security & Safety

When it comes to online dating, safety and security should be top priority. Unfortunately, Geek2Geek falls short in this area. The app doesn’t have any verification for users so you don’t know who is behind the profile you are talking to or if they are even real people! They also don’t do a great job of fighting against bots and fake accounts which can lead to a lot of frustration when trying to find someone genuine on the platform.

The photos aren’t manually reviewed either so there’s no guarantee that what you see is actually accurate – not ideal if trustworthiness is important for your match-making experience! On top of all that, their privacy policy isn’t particularly clear or comprehensive – another big red flag when it comes using an online dating service like Geek2Geek.

It seems like this app could really use some help in terms of its safety features; I mean come on guys – two-step verification? It’s 2021 already! Plus with all these potential risks associated with using the site (not knowing who you’re speaking too, possible fake profiles etc.), why would anyone want take such a gamble?! Bottom line: unless things change soon then my advice would be steer well clear from Geek2Geek as far as safe online dating goes…


Geek2Geek may be the perfect dating site for tech-savvy singles, but it definitely isn’t free. In fact, you’ll need to shell out some serious cash if you want to take advantage of all its features. Sure, there’s a basic membership that won’t cost anything – but let’s face it: why bother with limited access when Geek2Geek offers so much more?

The paid subscription options are surprisingly competitive; depending on how long your commitment is (1 month or 6 months), prices range from $12-$25 per month – not bad! Plus, members get additional perks like unlimited messaging and profile views as well as exclusive discounts on events and merchandise. It’s worth every penny if you ask me! So while I wouldn’t call Geek2Geek “cheap," I would say they offer great value for money – especially compared to other dating sites in this space. Bottom line: If you’re looking for love among fellow geeks then signing up here could pay off big time… just don’t forget your wallet first!

Plan Price Features
Free $0 Create a profile, Search for matches, Send winks
Silver $29.95/month All free features plus: Unlimited messaging, See who’s viewed your profile, Advanced search filters
Gold $34.95/month All Silver features plus: Priority customer support, Incognito mode, Boost profile visibility

Similar Sites

Some alternatives to Geek2Geek include OkCupid, Match.com, and eHarmony – all of which are dating sites that cater to different types of people looking for relationships.

  • Match.com
  • eHarmony
  • OkCupid
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Tinder

Best for

  • Best for tech-savvy individuals looking to find someone with similar interests.
  • Best for those who are passionate about gaming, comics, and other geeky hobbies.
  • Best for people who want to meet like-minded singles in a safe online environment.


1. How to use Geek2Geek without paying?

Using Geek2Geek without paying is not recommended – it severely limits your access to the site’s features. You won’t be able to contact other users, so you’ll miss out on potential matches. Plus, free members don’t get priority when their profiles are shown in search results.

2. How much does Geek2Geek subscription cost?

Geek2Geek is way too expensive for what it offers. It’s a rip-off if you ask me, charging up to $30 per month just to access the site. Definitely not worth it in my opinion!

3. How to register for Geek2Geek?

Registering for Geek2Geek is super easy – just fill out a few basic details and you’re good to go. But I wouldn’t recommend it, the quality of people on there isn’t great. Plus, most of them are looking for something casual rather than long-term relationships.

4. Can you send messages for free on Geek2Geek?

No, you can’t send messages for free on Geek2Geek. It’s a paid subscription service and they don’t offer any kind of trial period either. Not sure why anyone would pay to use this site when there are so many other better options out there.

Belinda Ginter

Belinda Ginter is an online dating expert and avid writer. She has been in the business of helping people find love for over 10 years, using her expertise to review popular dating sites and apps. Belinda's passion for writing about relationships began when she was a young girl, reading romantic novels with her mother. This early exposure inspired her to pursue a degree in psychology from The University of California at Berkeley where she studied human behavior and its impact on interpersonal relationships. Since then, Belinda has become one of the most sought-after experts in the field; offering advice through articles published by major publications such as Cosmopolitan Magazine, Women’s Health Magazine & Men’s Fitness Magazine among others - all while continuing to write reviews on various platforms related to online dating experiences that help singles make informed decisions before they take their first steps into digital romance territory! Her mission? To empower those who are looking for love with knowledge so they can have more successful dates – whether it be through virtual or real life meetups! With this goal firmly set within reachable distance; Belinda continues working hard every day towards making sure everyone finds what makes them happy: true connection based upon mutual understanding & respect which leads us back full circle - finding lasting love no matter how we choose go about it (online or offline).

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